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Teaching Strategies Workshop

"Teaching strategies for a hybrid model workshop for teachers of English"

'Teaching strategies for a hybrid model workshop for teachers of English' was held on 21 September 2021. The webinar was led by Mrs. Hema Ramanathan , University of West Georgia, U.S.A. Series editor and Co-author Weavers, (Indiannica Learning) and Mrs. Devika. The workshop was attended by Mrs. AmbiliUnnikrishnan PGT English , Mrs.YolandaMcpherson SGT English and Ms. Bagiya Lakshmi SGT English.

The webinar highlighted the following points:

  • Online teaching facilitatesteachers touse differentstrategiesto make the online class lively.The teacher can start the class with Brainstorming activities. The teacher cancreate breakoutrooms, which allow students to discuss,use whiteboard, to participate in group activity and also interact well by discussing subject related activities. to collect 3 letter words, to provide booklist to students, to solve word puzzles and paper work. Online worksheets can be shared easily through online class.
  • In this way, online strategies are successful to all the teachers irrespective of the subjects they teach. With these continued practices, students learn not only the content of the lesson but also develop many other skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. Finally, the host concluded that the virtual classroom is a very helpful platformfor students to utilise the chat box to share their answers especially for those who are quiet in face to face classes. The workshop focused on different strategies to make learning interesting online, using simple activities.
Teaching Strategies Workshop