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September Month

Report Of Activity Field Trip To Pugalur

The students of STD XII B (Biology group) visited the ‘EID Parry Tissue culture lab’, ‘Entomology lab’ and ‘TNPL’ as a part of their biology practical project starting from 27.09.18 to 30.09.18.

The students of STD XII acquired hands on experience in the techniques employed in tissue culture.

The resource group Dr. Rajeswari and Mr . Prabhakaran organized an interactive session on the breeding techniques and also gave an insight into the world of agriculture as a career.

This was followed by visit to the Entomology lab where the concept of Bio pest control in protecting sugar cane crops was demonstrated

At TNPL, students had a great learning experience on production of paper from bagasse, mechanized packing and storage of papers, manual counting of papers up to 500 in about 3 seconds timeframe.

The students undoubtedly had an “Experiential Learning “

IMSc Open Day 2018 A fun Day of mathematics and science

The institute of Mathematical Science conducted a workshop "IMSc Open Day 2018, A fun Day of mathematics and science" for students on 15.09.18, Saturday from 9.00am to 5.30pm. Five students of Std X participated. They were accompanied by Mrs. Sreelatha. (Faculty from department of Mathematics)

First session was on 'Some Math around IPL tournament'. It was conducted by Mr. Venkatesh Raman(Professor from IMSc). It was about the calculation behind selecting the number of teams and number of games to be played,with the help of examples. Discussion was on the comparison of number of games played and number of games won. Later it was connected to Graph Theory.

Second session was on ‘Origin of Mass’ and it was conducted by Mr. Srihari Gopalakrishna (Professor from IMSc). Discussion was mainly on effect of mass in gravity. Comparison of the discoveries ofGalileo's and Einstein's was also a part of discussion. He highlighted that the particles of light are massless.

Mr. Amritanshu Prasad's (Professor from IMSc) 'What's the next number?' was the third session. Discussion was on Fibonacci and GCD algorithm and Euclid algorithm. Also shared de Moivre's formula, Stigler's law of eponymy, Pentros tiles and explained how to connect music with Fibonacci sequence. To know more about the sequences he asked us to browse "ON-LINE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INTEGER SEQUENCE".

Every session kindled curiosity in children as well as in teachers. After that it was preliminary test for Quiz contest. More than 150 children participated in the test. Two students from our school cleared the prelims and qualified for the final quiz.

Post lunch it was real fun with maths and science. Experiments and mathematical fun games were arranged in different venues. Lots of learning took place in those sessions Experiments were on Physics and Biology. Games were on Mathematics. Children thoroughly enjoyed. Insulin molecule, Antibodies, DNA, Dengu virus, Tesla coil - connect without coil, Newtoncolourring, optical inversion, electro magnet, polarity of water, liquid nitrogen, speed and acceleration, fun with cups, math with chess board, pentominosetc were a few to mention.
Final round of Quiz was conducted around 4.00pm .

IMSc Open Day 2018 A fun Day of mathematics and science IMSc Open Day 2018 A fun Day of mathematics and science
IMSc Open Day 2018 A fun Day of mathematics and science IMSc Open Day 2018 A fun Day of mathematics and science

Best Teacher Award – State

On the occasion of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday and Teachers’Day , 5th September 2018, the State Government honored the teachers with appreciations and admirations to almost hundreds of teachers for their selfless service rendered in the field of education.

A special mention goes out to Mrs. Nirmala, Tamil teacher who received a certificate of appreciation and a cheque of Rs. 10,000 from the Minister of Education, Mr. Senkottaiyan at Kalaivanar Arangam on 05.09.2018 .Speaking on the occasion, the minister commended the dedication of teachers towards education.

TI takes immense pleasure in congratulating Mrs. Nirmala for her glorious service with the institution , her contribution towards the growth of the institution and for making teaching profession ‘ A Life Mantra.’

National Talent Competition

The Screening test for the 50th National Talent Competition 2018 was conducted by The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India(AMTI) on 1st of September 2018 at our school. Forty seven students appeared in four different levels. 10% of the most efficient students from each level of our institution will be taking up the final test to be held on 03.11.2018. The centre for the final test will be specified by AMTI.

Sgfi Results - Regional Selection

Event Type Place Winner
Chess Under 17 - Girls will represent chennai district Krithika of X
Badminton Under 17 - Boys will represent chennai district Naveen of XII
Badminton Under 19 - Boys will represent chennai district Yuvraj of IX
Football Under 19 - Girls will represent chennai district Janani of XII

Teams Qualified For Divisional

Event Type
Football Under 19 Girls
Badminton Under 17 Boys (Singles And Doubles)
Chess Under 17 (Boys & Girls)
  • 100mts, 80mts hurdles – u/14 girls
  • 200mts, 100 hurdles – u/19 girls
  • 400mts hurdles – u/19 boys

Int – Sat Launch (International Satellite Launch)

Students of standard XI and XII were grouped in order to collect data / information concerning various satellites, vehicles launched and which are utilized in India, Mexico, China and Russia through interacting with experts, exploring internet resources and via library resource reference.

Students then studied the similarities and differences in satellites and launched vehicles used in the chosen countries.

Students prepared power point presentation and presented to the group.

Children had a group discussion. They spoke about the debris in atmosphere due to wastage. Another group had a discussion about the cost of satellite launch in India and other three countries.

Experts of International Satellite Launch team shared their views on the launch of new satellite in India

Learning Outcome:

  • Students learnt about different types of satellites launched, the purpose of launch and vehicles launched and used in India, Mexico, China and Russia.
  • The students were able to compare satellite launch vehicles used and analyzed the purpose of launching the same in India, Mexico, China and Russia.
International Satellite Launch International Satellite Launch

Parents observing the PPT

Expert Sharing - Group discussion

Inter School Quiz Competition

The Social Science department conducted 'The Quest' - 2018 Inter School Quiz Competition on 8.09.18 (Saturday) for the students of classes 7, 8 and 9. The competition comprised of seven teams.

The following schools had participated:

  • AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Vellayan Chettiyar Higher Secondary School
  • Sir Ramaswami Mudalaiar Higher Secondary School
  • Sethu Bhaskara Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • GK Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College
  • Hussain Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • T.I. Matriculation Higher Secondary School

The competition began with the invocation sung by the school choir. The quiz consisted of different rounds like History, Geography, Civics/Economics, GK & Current affairs, Mythology, Audio & Visual (CONNECTIONS) and Rapid Fire.

  • AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School emerged winners.
  • Hussain Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School emerged runners.

The winners and runners were honoured by the Vice Principal Mrs. K. Chitra.

All the other participants received participation certificates and books.

Inter School Quiz Competition Inter School Quiz Competition
Inter School Quiz Competition Inter School Quiz Competition
Inter School Quiz Competition Inter School Quiz Competition
Inter School Quiz Competition Inter School Quiz Competition

Inter School Competition On Human Values

Sathya Sai Seva Samithi conducted an Inter School Competition on Human Values on the topic - Harmony in Thought, Word and Deed on 01.09.2018 (Saturday)

Five students from Class XII made a paper presentation on the topic followed by a skit. The judgement was based on the Paper Presentation, skit and the speech. The team secured the second place. They received certificates, mementos and were also highly appreciated for their commendable work.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1

ISA - 2018 FOLK LORE for classes Two and Three

'The Hungry Lion' a famous folk tale by Gita Wolf-illustrated by Indrapramit Roy, was introduced and read aloud to the students of Class 3 by the teacher in charge of the library. This was a great motivation to the students to read folk tales. The students chose folk tales of India and England to read during their library hour. They sat in groups of five to read their choice.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2

Students shared about the characters that appeared in 'folktales' that they read in the library and also spoke about the morals they learnt from those stories

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2