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October Month

Youth Parliament:

Date: 07.10.17

Venue: MCC Higher Secondary School, Chetpet, Chennai

Session 5:

Seven bills were debated and three were selected for the final discussion. Our school bill 'Annual Performance Anaylsis bill' has been remodified from Right to Recall bill and it has been accepted for final debate/discussion.

Two amendments have been selected from our school, one on Motor Vehicle act and the other on Conservation Act.

From our school, three students are in the ruling party and two in the opposition party.

Portfolios held by our ruling party students of our school are:

  • Ministry of Parliamentary affairs - S B Keerthana IX A
  • Ministry of Road Transport - Aditya Sai IX B

Five questions will be asked from our school opposition party to the ruling party.

The next session is on 11th Oct at MCC, Chennai.