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June Month
Training / Professional Development
Date Activity Organizer / Resource Person Participants / Class & Particulars Outcome
01.06.2019 PTM for STD – XI parents School – AV Room Parents are oriented about the functioning of school, examination and general instruction Oriented parents for smooth functioning and their role.
04.06.2019 PTM Meeting for class III & IV      
15.06.2019 VTF Velayyanchettiar High School Attended by 10th Handling teachers The English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry Sessions were fruitful.  They shared their view and given ideas where even all students can get knowledge.
18.06.2019 HM’S meeting at MCC School Organized by CEO, Chennai
  • Academics Performance
  • Entry of student and staff details in EMIS
  • “compote”- students talented in athletics will be given training
Refer the file for more details
25.06.2019 Regional Summit of school principals Organized by ICTRC attended by
Ms. Devi – Primary Head
Ms. Kaveri
Childhood Depression – identification prevention and intervention Session was very Informative
28.06.2019 At British Council understanding  21st Century learning skills British Council Attended by Ms. Devi – Primary Head
Creative thinking, collaborator, communicator & critical thinker to be inculcated in children in daily class lessons.