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A new block was opened in 1975 to mark 50 years of Service. Today the Out-Patient Department of the Hospital caters to the needs of nearly 6000 patients a month. Special Clinics have been opened in Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Opthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Skin and Dental problems. Support services like Analytical Laboratory, X-ray and ECG have been functioning. Ten Doctors including Specialists are working in the Hospital.

Today, the AMM Hospital also organizes National Programmes such as:

  • Family Welfare
  • Eradication of Leprosy
  • Control of Blindness

The hospital serves around 300 out-Patients every day.

Following are the out-patient departments:

1. Male Medical
2. Female Medical
Visiting Consultants
S.No Name Department Clinic Days
1 Dr.Mythili Naveen Surgeon Mon &Thur
2 Dr.Naveen General Surgeon Tue
3 Dr.Damodarasamy Opthamologist Tue
4 Dr.K.Selvan Dentist Tue, Thur & Fri
5 Dr.M.S.Manoharan Dermotologist Fri
6 Dr.S.M.M. Gunasekaran General Physician Daily
7 Dr.A.Maluvethy General Physician Daily
Special Clinics
1. Ophthalmology
2. Dental
3. ENT
4. Orthopedics
5. Surgical
6. Gyneacology
7. Pediatrics
1. X-ray
2. ECG
3. MOT
Year Outpatients
2004 83,074
2005 84,213
2006 94,736